July 08, 2020 by Administrator


The pandemic of Covid-19 brings a lot of new things for business activites, especially for entrepreneurs in trading activities. In this situation, business activities feel like ships on the middle of the sea and got a serious turbulence situation because of extreme weather. No matter how big the ships and how experienced the crews are, they are all in trouble. Then, who will be the winner of this situation?? Could we relate the story above with this pandemic situation??How about people nowadays?? During this pandemic, we know how everything feel bordered.

Meanwhile, to face all of problems, especially in this pandemic of Covid-19, all of entrepreneurs must be adaptable, must be strong, and keep moving on. The adaptation here can be mentioned such as remote working, and social distancing in the offices, improving marketing strategies. In order to create sustainability of business itself. Those adaptation above can be a weapon for entrepreneurs to strike every problem they have.  Then, in collaboration with Hatyai University and International Council of Small Business (ICSB) Indonesia, STIE Totalwin has tried to give some education to all participants around the world about how to face the pandemic of covid 19 wisely. This online seminar was held on July 8th, 2020 orginized by STIE Totalwin, with Three speakers are Dr. Khanungnit Hnucek (Dean of Hatyai Business School, Hatyai University, Thailand); Prof. Dr. M. Suyanto, MM (Entrepreneur); and Dr. Jacky Mussy (President ICSB Indonesia).

”Now, try to look for women empowerment. Especially in our country, Indonesia, mostly in every strategic position has filled with women such as Ibu Retno Marsudi as  Minister for Foreign Affairs , Ibu Susi Pudjiastuti, Ibu Sri Mulyani, they are in the Working Cabinet of President Joko Widodo. Then we have Ibu Retno Hening as a great mother and as author. We need to appreciate them as the great entrepreneur, woman, and policy maker in their field” said Dr. Jacky Mussry, President ICSB Indonesia in his topic, sustainability of business. This International Webinar had attended about 100 participants around the world and they also gave for question to the speaker and all of donation from participants had given to ACT then ACT would distributed it to the sufferes of this pandemic.

Morever, Dr. Khanungnit Hnucek said “All of tourism sides have their own capacity in increasing a lot of benefit. We need to dig more and more for what we have, what should be done especially in the field of tourism. Afer this pandemic ends, we know how to continue for business in tourism place”. In addition, Prof. Dr. M. Suyanto, MM as entrepreneur practions said “Business and pandemic are related each other. One thing we have to understand is we do not have to raise our negativism up in our life. Just stay have for possitive mental attitude. Support yourself with the motivation and spirit”.

Based on the statement of three speakers above, The President of STIE Totalwin, Mrs. Sugiharti, S.E., M.M stated that we need to be brave, face anything, and do not forget to keep in mind that our God will guide us in the right path and we just give our best version in life. Then, she also said that we have to obey for health protocol such as always washing our hands with hand sanitizer, keep distance when having talk with someone, and always wear mask in every single day we have.

In conclusion, this pandemic is delivering a message for us that we have to hold our hand together, help each other, and always protect each other in order to terminated this virus as soon as possible. All registration fee from 62 participants, they are from 4 different countries (Indonesia, Thailand, Philipine, Timor Leste) were transform to ACT. We do hope, the donation from us is always usefull to the sufferes of Covid 19. Aamiin.